Friday, 15 July 2011

TuxJam Episode 3

The third episode of TuxJam is available for download in Ogg Vorbis format by clicking on the download button or here.

In this episode we take a brief look at FrugalWare Linux 1.5 RC1, FreeNAS 8.1 beta4, Aptosid 2011-02, SMS 1.61 and Pardus 2011.1. These are followed by a more indepth Look at Linvo GNU/Linux 2010.12.6, which was released on 13.07.11 despite it's name.

On the Linux Desktop we look at WeeChat, a lightweight and fast CLI chat client, that provides a wealth of customization for power users. We take a look at two open source, Android micro blogging applications; Zwitscher and Mustard.

TuxJam is now listed on and also gets a mention in the TINAP and Bugcast podcasts. Aswell as some feedback from Andrew Conway and Marie Axlesson.

The tracks today were as follows:
1.Rob Warren-Rise
2.Paper Plane Pilots-The Accident
3.Acting Like Heroes-JFK&Decisions
4.Anamanaguchi-Penpal (first track ever on TuxJam that's not from Jamendo)
5.Freeky Cleen & Dickey F-Gambling Woman
6.Maycon Bianchi-Cross