Friday, 15 July 2011

TuxJam Episode 3

The third episode of TuxJam is available for download in Ogg Vorbis format by clicking on the download button or here.

In this episode we take a brief look at FrugalWare Linux 1.5 RC1, FreeNAS 8.1 beta4, Aptosid 2011-02, SMS 1.61 and Pardus 2011.1. These are followed by a more indepth Look at Linvo GNU/Linux 2010.12.6, which was released on 13.07.11 despite it's name.

On the Linux Desktop we look at WeeChat, a lightweight and fast CLI chat client, that provides a wealth of customization for power users. We take a look at two open source, Android micro blogging applications; Zwitscher and Mustard.

TuxJam is now listed on and also gets a mention in the TINAP and Bugcast podcasts. Aswell as some feedback from Andrew Conway and Marie Axlesson.

The tracks today were as follows:
1.Rob Warren-Rise
2.Paper Plane Pilots-The Accident
3.Acting Like Heroes-JFK&Decisions
4.Anamanaguchi-Penpal (first track ever on TuxJam that's not from Jamendo)
5.Freeky Cleen & Dickey F-Gambling Woman
6.Maycon Bianchi-Cross


  1. This version of Linvo IS actually released in 2010.12, but this is a maintenance update. Also, there are actually more packages in GSlapt (you have to update the repo) and the reason to why the apps available in the website is so small is that they are handled by an experimental system named LinvoApp that is not complete yet.

  2. Thanks for keeping me up to date Jack Knife, I actually downloaded it through distrowatch which did not state that it was a maintenance update. Users who take the time to leave comments and/or feedback are always appreciated.