Wednesday, 22 June 2011

TuxJam Episode 2

The second episode of TuxJam is available for download in Ogg Vorbis format by clicking on the download button or here.

In this episode we take a brief look at
Webconverger 8, Fuduntu 14.10 and DoudouLinux 1.0. These are followed by a more indepth Look at Crunchbang Statler (XFCE edition).

The two applications in this episode are both desktop based, looking at PCManFM file manager and Turpial, a micro blogging client that works with

Feedback section: to my amazement I've had loads of really positive feedback from users on, people were asking after a week when episode 2 was going to be released. A few people left feedback through IM, one person took the time to email the show: Andrew Conway (@mcnalu on gave me some nice feedback.

The tracks today were as follows:
1.Mad Mush-Silent Snowfall
2.OldSchool-Take It Easy
3.Tequila Mockingbird-Blue
4.Frank Camu-I Believe I'll Dust My Broom
5.The GAP-Stay Away From Here
6.Retrosonic-Silent Prison (thanks to @richslxh on for suggesting that one)

Friday, 3 June 2011

TuxJam Episode 1

The first ever episode of TuxJam is avaiable for download in Ogg Vorbis format by clicking on the download button or here

In this episode I take a look at the Linux distro SimplyMepis 11, along with the Pogo music player.

This is along with music from Crazy Evolution, Dan Bryk, Art Yenta, Railway and Dogs, Coffee&Wine and 8 Bit Greatness.

If you would like to contact me with recommendations of music, applications or distros to try out then the best way is to use where I can be reached by putting @kevie at the start of the message, or email the show tuxjampodcast at

About TuxJam

Combining Linux news with Creative Commons goodness
TuxJam is a show by Kevie which takes a look at some of the application and distros that have been released in the open source community and mixes in a variety of music to make the show both informative and entertaining.  The main aim is not to promote established and popular distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora or applications that a lot of us use everyday on our PCs such as VLC or Firefox, but instead to give some coverage to projects that are out there, still maintained but not known by a lot of Linux users.

If you know about or develop an application you think fits the above criteria and would like me to take a look at it then send me an email tuxjampodcast at or you can contact me on using @kevie at the start of the message.

Tuxjam is released under the Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.  Click on the license logo for more details: