Sunday, 13 November 2011

TuxJam Episode 6

TuxJam Episode 6 can be downloaded in Ogg Vorbis format by clicking on the Download button or here

The sixth episode of TuxJam has a multimedia theme.  In this episode Kevie takes a look at Purdyne Linux, there is a roud up of several open source CD ripping software including Asunder, RipperX and RubyRipper and also takes a look at a media player, which is forked from Mplayer, called UMplayer.  Along with the usual feature episode 6 includes TuxJam's first ever guest where fellow Crivins co-host Thistleweb joins in for a brief chat about the new show. Along with this there are the usual mix of Creative Commons music including:
Beeshopmusic - Born in the 80s
Daizy Mae - Grey Roses
Drunk Monkeys Hospital - Get Out!
R.E.P.S - Envy
Floating Isle - Xinewave Revolution
Juanitos - Super Exotic 60s Beat

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